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How To Grow A Great Beard: The Basics of Beard Growing

Updated: Jul 12

No one actually teaches you how to grow a beard or offers grooming lessons. By the time it starts coming in, the majority of us have already moved out of our parents' house, so dad isn’t exactly there to show you what to do with your fur face. So, we’ve written this article to teach you, offer some lessons and give you all the tips you need, because the right beard can transform you into a new man!

Tip One: Time and Patience

The first phase of growing a great beard is growing it out, which takes patience… a lot of patience. Generally speaking, the average time for a man to grow out their facial hair for a beard is around 4-6 weeks. During this time, your hair will grow at different rates as well as thickness. You’ll want to hold off from shaping or trimming altogether during this first phase of the process.

Note: In the first couple weeks, your skin may become itchy or irritated. Moisturizer and beard oil can help. If you can handle it, then your hair will become much softer and less itchy in no time.

Tip Two: Skin Care

The healthier the skin, the healthier and better looking your beard will become. There are a few different products that you can utilize to help you prevent beard dandruff or flaky dry skin (no one wants that!):

  1. Beard oils

  2. Conditioning creams

  3. Beard balms

These beard products will moisturize and take care of your facial hair and your skin underneath. This means your beard will soften, look groomed, and they help combat any itchiness you might experience. This also ensures that, if you decide a bearded life isn’t for you and you shave it all off, you don’t have a follicle disaster.

Bonus tip: You should apply beard oil at least twice a day!

Tip Three: Maintenance

During the first couple of weeks, simply washing your hair with soap will work fine, however, once you have grown a couple of inches of hair, switch to shampoo. This will ensure healthy facial hair and reduce any risk dandruff.

You will also want a good beard comb: this will make sure your hair lays nice and flat against your face. It also helps to keep any food and lint from getting stuck in your beard and gives you a nice, clean look.

Tip Four: Shaping

This is where the fun begins, now that you have finally gone through a solid month of beard growth without trimming, you can start to sculpt your facial hair into style. Consider a beard style that will complement the shape of your face. Generally, as a rule, you want a beard to help create an oval shape with your face.

For example: if you have a narrow facial structure, then you would want a bushier style beard. Likewise, if your face is more square, then growing your beard longer will help create that oval. For an extensive look on which beards compliment different facial shapes click here

Tip: Consider talking with your barber! They can advise you on what the best beard shape would look on you.

Tip Five: Trimming

When trimming your beard, it is important to avoid neckbeards and to keep a well-defined neckline. This is where a lot of guys mess up; A beard should all the way around your jaw and under your chin. If you take two fingers and place them under your Adam’s apple, this will be your neckline - Now just imagine a “U” and shave from ear to ear.

After your beard has become full in the cheeks and around the chin - Take a comb directly against the grain, which exposes the longest hairs, so you can easily trim them. Just remember to keep the shape you want when trimming. Continue to trim like this throughout the growing process to keep clean and afford to avoid the “homeless” look.

Last Comments

  1. Not all men are able to grow a thick beard and that’s OK! There are plenty of alternatives, such as goatees and a chin curtain; regardless of what type of beard you can grow, all of this still applies the same!

  2. "Shaving your beard will make it grow faster" is an urban myth that is simply not true.

  3. Consider spending some money on a nice trimmer because a good trimmer will work for years!

  4. A study conducted at the University of Southern Queensland examined how effective facial hair was in protecting against UV rays; the result shows that it can prevent skin cancer estimated up to 50 to 95 percent.

If you want to look good with a stylish beard, just follow the steps in this article. Now that you know how to grow a great looking beard and how to properly take care of it, you're going to need to find some sunglasses that go along with that beard!

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