• Ethan Benge

Bedroom Design Ideas: Cute, Simple, and Affordable

Updated: Jul 12

The Bedroom is the epicenter of comfort in our lives, so making sure that it is cozy and charming is paramount. It is also of the utmost importance not break the bank when choosing your decor. Whether you have just moved into a new place or you just need to revamp your living space, we are going to help you with a couple of tips and tricks on how to make your bedroom perfect for you.

The Walls

  • Removable wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is a growing trend right now. The wallpaper is easily applied and just as simple to remove later. You’ll be able to change the look of your walls easily whenever you want and it will keep you within your budget. Not to mention there is no paint to clean up and deal with!

  • LED photo clip strings

You can showcase all of your photos with these hipster photo strings. Use the photos you already have or you can go to a local convenience store, most of them have the ability to print your favorite pictures right from your phone. As an added bonus, it illuminates your room at night, giving you a warm cozy feel.

  • Simple wall shelves

Hanging single plank wall shelves is a great way to save space and add dimension to your bedroom. Most shelving units will come with the necessary tools and hardware to hang them. Utilizing the walls for storage and to highlight decor is a functional and unique way to make your space shine.

  • Mirrors

Mirrors are not just there for you to stare at yourself! They can add light and even make the room look bigger. Using floor length mirrors will help to make your room appear larger. Try using an upcycled mirror from an estate sale or vintage store to add style for a bargain.

The Furniture

  • Pallet Bed

Instead of purchasing an expensive bed frame consider a DIY project. There is a slew of different bed frame options to choose from but our favorite is the pallet bed. This is a simple DIY that just about anybody is capable of doing. All it takes are a couple of pallets and some paint to add this rustic bed to your bedroom.

  • Wooden Crate

Simple wood crates are perfect for shelving storage. They require no paint or work at all, you can place them right on the floor, no mounting required.

  • Ladder

Freestanding ladder shelves are perfect for simple and vintage looking storage. These types of shelves are easily placed and require no nails or screws.

  • Benches

Try placing a bench at the end of the bed, this can make the room feel cozier and add practical storage.

  • Cinder-block nightstand

You can take two cinder blocks and stand them up side by side, then place a third on top to make a simple industrial looking nightstand. Just make sure to clean them before placing them in your new home.

Miscellaneous Decor

  • Plants

Adding a couple of plants to your decor will bring life to the room. Consider using plants like orchids and succulents, as these will purify the air. Try utilizing old cans or candle jars as planters. These upcycled items add a shabby chic unique feel to rooms.

  • T-Shirt Quilt

For a simple, practical, and cheap, consider adding a DIY quilt to the room. Using a bunch of your meaningful t-shirts, you can sew them together to create a sentimental quilt.

  • Rope Rug

These types of rugs are stylish, easy to make and cost very little. All it takes is a bundle of rope, glue, and piece of cloth for the bottom. You can add this creative decor to your room in about 15 minutes.

  • Fairy Lights

To make a bedroom have a soft and relaxing feel to it, try putting up a fairy light curtain above the bed. Using a rod to go above the bed, you can hang sheer curtains/fabric and behind that white Christmas lights.

The room is yours, so just make sure to let your personality speak for you through your design and decor. Hopefully, some of these tips and suggestions will help you in your new bedroom design.

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