• Ethan Benge

Best Travel Apps: To Improve Your Travel Experience

Updated: Jul 12

The following is a list of our favorite apps that are sure to enhance your travel experience - whether you are taking an epic road trip across state lines or flying internationally, these apps are the best and most essential.

Airplane Apps

Whether you fly every weekend or once a year, these are the essential apps for anyone that is going to travel by airplane. Most airlines have their own apps to make traveling simpler for their guests, however, the apps that we are covering in this article not only help you manage your flight, they also help you navigate the airports and much more.

1. TripCase

Essentially a trip manager, Tripcase can be linked to all of your travel plans - flights, hotels, car rentals, and even attractions.

The app will notify you of any changes in your plans such as gate changes or delays. It also provides you with all of your basic airline information, such as airport maps, airline numbers, and even lets you know the type of plane you will be flying on that day.

This is by far the most beneficial and well-rounded app for anyone that is going to fly - this is a must-use!

2. SkyGuru

This app was designed by pilots for anyone that might be nervous about turbulence - SkyGuru provides forecasts for weather and turbulence for your flight! This obviously can’t change or prevent bad weather or inflight turbulence from happening, but it will definitely give you peace of mind knowing whether you will experience it and give you time to mentally prepare.

3. MyTSA

This app is an excellent help when it comes to preparing to navigate and dealing with airports in the US. MyTSA provides real-time airport wait times and a history of wait times for airports. The app also gives you tips on how to get through security checkpoints faster and most smoothly by providing all security rules and regulations.

Road Trip

For all of those planning on taking an epic road trip, these apps are sure to make the experience much more exciting and a lot less worrisome.

1. RoadTrippers

Much like Tripcase for flyers, RoadTrippers is a trip manager for epic adventuring via car rather than flying. This app will help you plan the perfect route - whether that be the fastest or most scenic, provide points of interest along the route and even estimate fuel cost for you. The app will also allow you to book lodging and explore locations along your route!

2. GasBuddy

This app will point you in the right direction for the cheapest gas stations along your trip. It also provides you with information about gas stations such as restrooms, food, and carwashes. GasBuddy lets you save $0.05 per gallon for free and up to as much as $0.15 if you pay to join.

3. Waze

Much like Google Maps, Waze is a GPS-based navigation app that is essential for driving. It gives you the best and most reliable routes and traffic updates. The primary ability that makes this app stand out is its connection with drivers around you and your route. The app interacts with its users and allows you to update roads with hazards, traffic delays, speed traps, and even police officers. The app updates in real-time and will notify you if anyone has spotted these along your route before you see it! This is the number one app for any road trip.

Going International

Traveling internationally can be exciting but it can also give you some real stress - these apps are the most necessary and most beneficial for anyone planning on traveling internationally.

1. Mobile Passport

With this app you once you land at your new destination, you simply fill out your flight information, answer the usual customs questions, and are then given an electronic receipt good for three hours. With that, you can skip the normal long lines for customs and use the line that diplomats and airline staff use, making things go so much faster! Just make sure to download and create an account beforehand.

2. XE Currency Converter

This is a simple yet necessary app that helps you with currency while traveling internationally. It provides you with live and up-to-date currency rates and allows you to store them when you might lose reception.

3. Google Translate

This is by far the most valuable app when traveling abroad. Google Translate can up to 103 different languages and 59 of those without a data connection. The app also can act as an actual translator in real-time and provide a two-speech translation between two people.

Booking Trips

These are the top apps to help you find the best deals and the best places to stay for travelers.

1. Hopper

This app helps users find the best prices for hotels and flights. It proudly states that it can predict prices with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. Hopper also predicts when prices will fluctuate which will help you decide when to book and when to wait for a better price. This is the go-to app for finding the best prices for flights and hotels.

2. Hotels Tonight

For last-minute stays - Hotels Tonight will get you the best prices for somewhere to stay. They list hotels not only across the whole U.S. but also worldwide, making it the number one app to have if you need somewhere immediately.

3. Airbnb

Booking through Airbnb can offer you the most unique places to stay. You can find all kinds of different listings from vacation homes, cabins, beach houses, trailers, and even tree houses. The prices can range wildly from seven dollars a night to thousands - the app makes searching and filtering very easy though! This is a must-have app for any traveler.

Bonus Apps

A few extras that should definitely be considered when looking for apps to help you enhance your traveling experiences.

1. Uber and Lyft

Both of these are ride-sharing apps that are much easier and cheaper than trying to get a taxi. This is perfect if you need a ride to or from airports and also great for going out for a night of local indulgence.

2. Turo

Very similar to Airbnb, except for vehicles instead of places to stay. Turo allows people to list their own cars for rent. You will find everything from brand new Tesla’s to a Honda Civic - they have rentals for everyone!

3. Harvest Hosts

This is for anyone that has an RV or Skoolie - Harvest Hosts partners up with breweries, wineries, and farms to provide places to park for a day or two for free! You pay a small annual fee to Harvest Hosts and they set you up with over 880 places to stay.

Traveling can be fun and exciting but it also can bring on stress and be full of hassles. Utilizing some of these apps will definitely help ease some of that stress and help improve your whole trip. Download these apps and start traveling like a pro!