• Franchesca Almonte

Adulting Tips for College Students

Updated: Jul 12

Imagine you are starting college or you are going back for a new semester; you want to prepare yourself for what is ahead. College is a time to transition into adulthood. How do we do that? No worries, below are some adulting tips for college students and avoiding those adulting struggles altogether.

College Adutling Tips

These tips should help you throughout your time in college and keep you from making some mistakes that happen all the time!

Lock Your Door!

No matter where you are, college dorm or apartment, you no longer live with your parents. They can’t lock the door behind you. This is for your safety and whoever is in your living space.

Carry Your Laptop With You (And/Or Some Type of Notes!)

You never know when you will have time to study or do an assignment. Obviously you are allowed to take breaks but it is important that you use your time wisely. If you can download the sticky notes app on your phone and laptop to make note-taking easier!

Act Like You Are on High School Time

As you know, when you attend college you only have to go to 4-5 classes twice a week, if that. It feels good to sleep in and have most of the day to yourself, but are you wasting it? By pacing your self with school work and pretending you have an 8 hour school day. You are bound to get all your work done and never feel like you are behind in school. Also, remember you had gym class and lunch during that time too. Take a gym break and a lunch hour. Giving your self a break in between will allow you to focus more when you go do that big assignment. Honestly, when you work in the real world you will be having 8 hour days anyway so why break the cycle.

Find A Study Place

When you have to buckle down and study, finding a place you can focus and get things done is best. For example, I know, I study best at the library at a desk surrounded by books. Everyone around me is studying just like me and there are no distractions like my comfy bed and tv I can binge-watch Friends for the 15th time. #adultingstruggles

Have Set A Schedule

Creating a schedule with classes, campus club meetings, and work will help you plan out those fun days for relaxing and hanging with friends. I personally use a writing planner for homework and apple or Google calendars for my daily/weekly schedule.

Use Every School Resource You Can

Most likely, your school has resources to help better your college experience. From homecoming to job search help, there are many things to take advantage of. Most functions put on by the school will have free supplies and food (this can be a chance to avoid the dining halls!). Also, do not be afraid to use studying sources. Going to TA hours or getting a tutor makes you smarter. You are doing everything you can to pass your class and feel good about earning that top grade.


Finally, self-care can be a huge factor in your college career. Writing in a journal helps keep track of moods, behaviors, and good times. You can also start your own adulting blog, which you can make personal or public, whatever your heart desires. Taking the time to go to bed at an appropriate hour and eating correctly is important. The freshmen 15 is a real thing and honestly, it is not just for freshmen. Any point in your college career things can get stressful and eating or any type of avoidance is bound to occur. Take some time to know what makes you less stressed and you can get to a point where you can start kicking a** again.

Wrapping Up Our Adulting College Tips

Following these tips are sure to help you through your time in college! College can be tough enough, so you want to do everything you can to make your experience as easy as possible.

Life lessons are important to learn from others so you don't make the same mistakes!

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