• Erin Armitage

How to Become a Micro-Influencer

When you hear the word “influencer,” you probably imagine social media stars with followers in numbers that even mathematicians struggle to comprehend; however, you don’t have to have millions, or even thousands, of followers to make it in the influencer world. Here’s how to become a micro-influencer and what you can do to stand out!

What Is A Micro-Influencer, And How Can You Become One?

Contrary to what the name suggests, a micro-influencer isn’t somebody with less followers than large influencers. Rather, micro-influencers are considered unique because their account fills a specific niche on social media; for example, instead of doing a food instagram that includes every kind of food under the sun, a micro-influencer may focus on showcasing Vietnamese food specifically.

This specificity tends to narrow their fan base, because while there isn’t a ton of variety in their content, they likely have a platform provided by more interested and engaged followers. Micro-influencers develop their platform by providing a page with specific content that their followers are sure to love.

Find Your Niche

Since micro-influencers generally aren’t focused on their follower count, their social media presence is all about passion. If your niche isn’t obvious to you yet, try paying close attention to where your mind wanders to when you’re not busy. Is it baking? Home decor? Fixing up cars? Anything that really interests you can be your niche!

Just make sure that you’re working with something that you never get tired of doing or talking about to avoid becoming bored with your own content. Check out this article for more tips on how to find your niche for social media!

Use Hashtags Relevant To Your Content

Although micro-influencers aren’t always focused on how many followers they have, what fun is having a social media account if there’s nobody to share your passion with? Relevant hashtags are definitely your friend as you try to become a micro-influencer.

Try slightly broader and ultra-specific hashtags and see which ones work best for your content. For example, if you post a picture of a chocolate cake that you baked, you could try #baking or #dessert, but maybe also try #chocolatecake or #layercake for a more specific audience. People may be searching for the exact content that you’re putting out, but would have no way of finding if it weren’t for these hashtags! Check out this article for additional tips on how to optimize your social media presence.

Make Sure Your Content Is Genuine

Steer away from topics that you only want to pursue because you think they will “do well” on social media; your audience will be able to detect insincerity from a mile away, no matter how big or small of an influencer you are.

Even if you’re not sure that the focus of your social media account will be something many people gravitate towards, pursue it anyways! People will always enjoy content from influencers who genuinely love what they’re doing.

Making Micro-Influencing Work For You

Even though they seem to have a less glamorous title, micro-influencers can grow to be just as successful as traditional influencers. If you’re able to find a passion and ways to clearly convey and communicate your interest through genuine content, then you’re well on the way to becoming a micro-influencer.

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