• Hailee Harris

Ultimate Bucket List for College Students

Starting college marks the beginning of an exciting, new chapter in your life. While you should be busy choosing your classes, meeting new people, making friends, and studying, it’s equally important to have fun while you are there! Those four years will go by fast, so here’s a guide on how to make the most of your time. This is my ultimate bucket list for college students:

1. Join a Club!

First and foremost, if you moved halfway across the country, or world, making friends right off the bat will really help you adjust to your new setting. One of the best ways to meet people who are interested in things you are is to join a club! I ran into the habit of telling myself “I don't have time to join a club,” but once I finally did, I had a blast. If your campus doesn’t have a club you are interested in, start a new one!

2. Campus Events

College campuses are jam-packed with events. Check out your university’s calendar online to search for upcoming events to join in on (including virtual get-togethers). Campus events are another awesome way to meet people and make long lasting friendships!

3. Rallies and Protests

Since we are on the topic of campus life and events, rallies and protests are frequent occurrences at college campuses. In addition to being important forms of activism, these events are a great way to get involved with your local community. Support what you are passionate about!

4. Attend a Random Class

Okay, sure, some professors may or may not be okay with this, but if you are attending a large enough lecture class, no one will notice! This is a great way to, again, meet new people, but also to learn about new things and have fun while doing it!

5. Visit Another University

You and all of your high school friends likely parted ways when it came time to move away to college. If you're feeling a little homesick, visit them! Odds are, there are loads of other fun things to do at their university. Better yet, they can show you around; then you can do the same with them when it's their turn to visit you!

6. Study Abroad

If your finances allow it, studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to learn away from your usual environments and learn about other cultures along the way. Don’t forget, you still have to do school work while you're away!

7. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts

As a college student, you are privileged with the ability to get money off, sometimes even free things, so be sure take advantage of that! Save all of the money you can, while you can. Most online shops offer around 20% off your purchase as a student. Websites like UNiDAYS gives you an easy to navigate list of stores and companies that offer discounts for college students.

8. Plan For Your Future

If you are in your last few years of college, it's time to find an internship or work study program. There's nothing better than preparing yourself for the real job world! College campuses offer many internships onsite, but by talking to your academic advisor you can easily find other internships near campus. Getting experience before you graduate will definitely help you land a job after you get your hard-earned diploma.

Check Them Off

Taking some time out of your busy school life to enjoy time at your college will leave you with lasting memories, and a bucket list for college students will definitely help with that. Whether you check off some of the ones above or you make your own list, remember you are there to learn, but also to have fun and experience new things!

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