• Ethan Benge

How To Step Up Your Christmas Party This Year: 2020 Edition

Everyone loves a party, especially a good Christmas party, but what makes it a good or great party? Well, there are a ton of things to consider and to remember to do - the music, drinks, food, decorations… ext. - So whether this is your first time hosting a Christmas party or if you’ve been the chosen one every year to throw the perfect Christmas party, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas and amazing tips to help you celebrate this year with friends and family.

‘Tis the season! - Let’s get started!

To Theme or Not to Theme

The first thing to consider before you start sending out invites or any kind of planning at all is to consider whether or not to have a theme for the party. Themes are really fun and get's everyone more involved with the party. Here are a few popular themes and some of our favorites:

  • Ugly Christmas Sweater (Wear the ugliest sweater you can find from the thrift store)

  • Christmas Characters (Dress up as anything related to Christmas)

  • Great Gatsby (1920’s style Party with lots of gold and glitter)

  • Christmas Pajamas (Wear your Christmas pjs to the party)

  • Black Tie (Dress to impress with suits and dresses)

  • Beach Theme (Pineapples, mojitos, and flip flops)

Once you decide on a theme you can really hone in on what kind of decorations you should use and where to get them from. Let's move onto invitations!

Sending Out Invitations

Sending out invitations helps set a tone for the party - sending a text or calling everyone is a no go here - this can be difficult when it comes to giving everyone details. You have a couple of other options though that will make the party stand out and get people excited about it:

  • Create a Facebook event - This is a great way to go because just about everyone has Facebook and it allows you to easily set up all the important info for the party such as - time, attire, directions ext.

  • Send out Christmas card invites through the mail. This is a great idea of theme parties such as Great Gaspy or Black tie. It's formal and makes it feel official.

Whichever way you decided to invite everyone just make sure to do it well in advance. This time of year is quite busy for everyone - we would recommend at the very least two weeks in advance.

Food and Drinks

When it comes to the food you can either attempt to cook everything by yourself (this is not recommended unless it's a small party, or you just really love to cook) or have everyone bring a dish to the party. If you choose to have everyone bring a dish, consider delegating who brings which dish or have a sign-up list. Otherwise, you might have 3 people show up with the same dish!

If you want a great list of easy Christmas recipes, check these out here.

For drinks you want to have a good variety - not everyone likes the same thing! Consider having several different liquors, a wine or two, a non-alcohol, and either a coffee or tea - This will give everyone something they enjoy to drink!

Check out this Santa’s red solo cup idea!

Decorations and Mood

The decorations and mood of the party will greatly depend on the theme and type of party you want. If you went with Beach Party I would recommend going out and getting some blow-up beach balls, and palm trees, or if you went with Great Gaspy, go get some gold decorations and sprinkle some glitter around the house!

Pro tip: Smaller stores like dollar general and dollar store, can sometimes have a ton of cheap decorations great for these types of themes.

Remember to set up a speaker and make a playlist (or a couple of playlists) for the party ahead of time. Music sets the mood for guests and can make the party feel more alive. Consider mixing theme music in with a general Christmas playlist, such as the beach boys (for the Beach theme party) or some ragtime music (for the Great Gatsby party).


To have a really good Christmas party (or any party in general) you should plan a couple of activities that get people involved. There are quite a few games that are centered around Christmas - Here are a few that you should definitely consider adding to your party that most people already know how to play and easy to explain if they don’t.

  • White Elephant ( A game that involves gift exchanging)

  • Secret Santa (Everyone has a secret person to buy a gift for)

  • Ugly Sweater Contest (This one's self-explanatory)

Here is a list of more games to consider.

Also, consider adding a photo booth! Set up an area decorated for photo posing and throw in a few props to hold or wear.

Extras and Tips

As the host, also remember to have fun, don’t go through all the work to set up an amazing party and then forget to enjoy it!

On top of creating a signup list for food/snacks to bring, consider delegating a few things for guests to do/setup as well - don’t do everything yourself.

Make sure you have parking available for everyone, if not let them know where they can park close by (this is good to let people know ahead of time instead of the day of).

Parties are a ton of fun but the clean up can be a disaster sometimes (especially if you have to do it all by yourself) consider using someone from handy to come to clean up for you!

Throwing a Christmas party that involves all of these will bring meaningful memories for all of your guests and bring them back wanting more every year.

Start planning and host the best Christmas party ever!