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Do Hydrating Sheet Masks Work?

What do you do when you are stressed and need some time to yourself? One good activity that many people indulge in is pampering. It is a great way to relax and do something for yourself. But, do these face sheet masks actually work, or have we been buying something just for the fun of it? Let's discuss if hydrating face masks work.

Does our skin absorb the ingredients?

There has been a huge debate on if face masks actually work or if they are a waste of our time. According to Dr. Sejal Shah, there have been no clinical trials on evaluating the effectiveness of sheet masks. Many people don’t know whether or not face masks work like people may think. Most masks provide a barrier that increases moisture levels, which can improve penetration of active ingredients, but it is uncertain if that works for every ingredient placed in the face mask. Dr. Heidi Waldorf states, “the longer something is in contact with the skin the more effect it is likely to have on the stratum corneum, which is the outer layer of the skin.” Because most face masks recommend that you to keep them on for 10 to 40 minutes, it is more likely that your skin is absorbing those ingredients because it is on there longer than usual.

Does how much you spend on your facemask matter?

Face masks can range from a dollar to one hundred dollars or more. For a single use product, is spending more for a better quality mask worth it, or would we be spending more for nothing? The key to finding a face mask that works for you is trial and error. Buying a few one dollar face masks like TonyMoly may be what your skin needs, or maybe you need a face mask that could be a little more expensive like Youth to the People. Just like any other product you might use, you have to keep trying things before you find what will work for you.

How should you use face masks?

Using face masks should not be used for everyday care. They are more of a way to prepare your skin for something like an event. Using it for a spa day, before an event, or after a procedure is the right way to use it. Dr. Waldorf says that using a hydrating face mask when you think your skin needs it is the best way to use face masks. If you want to use something for everyday use, buying something that you should use everyday will be better for your bank account and it makes more sense because you are getting more product for your price.

Are face masks worth it?

Using face masks every once in a while can benefit your skin, but using them everyday might not be the best idea for someone with little money or someone who doesn't need to use it all the time. Using a hydrating face mask before an event or when you think you need to use it could be the most effective way. Because there hasn’t been a lot of clinical trials on face masks, it is unknown if they even help our skin, but trying different face masks can help you figure out if they work for your skin or not. If you have ever thought about dermaplaning, click here to learn more about it!

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