• Brian Peterson

How to Find Your First Remote Job

With the world on a corona-crisis pause, thousands of jobs have transitioned from operating in an office setting to working remotely from home; this occurs in addition to the burgeoning growth of remote job opportunities over the last decade. Savvy companies have realized that they can attract top talent and continue business as usual by utilizing technology and allowing for more stay-at-home positions. With more and more jobs moving away from the traditional aspects of operation, now is the ideal time to seek remote employment. If you survived online schooling, you’re ready to start working remotely: here’s how to find your first remote job.

Understand What A Prospective Employer Wants

Just as if you were hired to work in an office, employers hiring for remote positions are searching for candidates with an adequate skill set to perform the essential duties of the job. You must understand that your experience and background are what will establish you as a strong candidate for their open position. Remember, they will likely have the pick of the litter when selecting a candidate due to the high volume of interest in remote jobs; therefore, it’s incredibly important to stand out with a quality resume and portfolio. Demonstrating tangible examples of your work is a powerful statement of your readiness to perform the job to any potential employer.

Finding Your First Remote Job Requires Patience

While it may be tempting to pursue the low-hanging fruit jobs, it’s often better to take a more methodical approach in your search for your first remote job. You’ve worked hard to build up your skills and experience, so you don’t want to settle for work that undervalues what you would contribute to a company. In addition to using traditional job boards like Indeed or Upwork, you could also consider searching employment sites of top companies that are known to hire for remote positions. You want to cast your net as wide as possible and unearth the highest quality of leads already pitching for remote work.

While Waiting, Keep Building Your Skills

There is no guarantee of when you will find your first remote job; success is all in how you perceive the process. I suggest you keep building your qualifications and skill sets to make yourself stand out to future employers: your hard-earned qualifications will eventually stand out!

Due to the ever-changing nature of our world and the continuous advancements in technology, remote opportunities are only going to become more plentiful. Now you know how to find your first remote job, but remember, continue working on improving yourself and your credentials; before long, that lucky employer will realize what a gem they have found in you.

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