• Franchesca Almonte

How to Practice Self Care in Self Isolation

Updated: Jul 12

Self-isolation can be hard. In times where we need to quarantine, it can cause stress and anxiety. Self-care is something we can all do to alleviate stress and anxiety. There are many self-care tips out there and below are some of them that can help you.

Let's check them out.

Practice Good Hygiene

It is easy to get stuck in the habit of staying in your pajamas all-day during quarantine but keeping a good hygiene routine can be beneficial. Waking up and participating in your personal hygiene routine can make you feel ready for the day as if you are not in self-isolation.

It's okay to put a fresh pair of comfy clothes back on, but doing your routine will start you off with getting your to-do list done for the day.

Get on a Regular Sleep Schedule

Just like your hygiene routine, having a good sleep schedule is just as important. It can be difficult not taking a nap or staying up throughout the day because your body is in a relaxed mode.

Everyone should participate in good sleeping habits because having bad sleeping habits can mess up your body’s natural routine.


Exercise is a great way to relieve stress and stay healthy. There are lots of activities you can do both inside and outside. You can go for a walk or a run during quarantine to get out of the house.

You can also join a live session or do a prerecorded workout in the comfort of your own home: for example, Fiton is a great app that has live sessions and prerecorded sessions.

Connect With Friends and Family

It is important to remember that self-care does not just involve you. Taking the time to talk or write to family and friends is beneficial to both you and them. It helps you have a connection to the outside world and make sure everyone in your life is okay.

Using a video chat service like Zoom or Facebook Messenger is a great way to talk and see family and friends at the same time.

Do Things That You Enjoy to Relax

Doing activities that make you happy is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety. Is it reading a book, painting, or even staying busy with a puzzle?

Anything you enjoy is considered self-care. For example, you can make it a habit to do a full-scale skin routine once a week or plan for the best road trip ever for when this is all over - Do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Get Organized

Last but not least you can get your house or/and your life organized. You can’t just stay in pajamas and watch tv all day. Make a list of things that you think need to be cleaned and organized in your house.

Coming out of self-isolation, feeling like everything with you is organized can be the best thing ever. Make your inner Marie Condo shine through.

Final Self-Care Tips and Tricks

Self-Isolation can be difficult but there are ways to take care of yourself that make it a little more bearable. Take the time to figure out what your self-care is and take action.

Did you find any of these self-care tips useful? Do you have any self-care tips or routines of your own? Share them with us!