• Franchesca Almonte

Millennial Decor: A Simple Guide

Updated: Jul 12

Looking to redecorate or buy some new decor to add to your home?

A new standard has been set for home decor. Millennials have been changing the status quo since Troy Bolton admitted he likes to sing and play basketball. The millennial decor is becoming something of a statement. Through Pinterest research, we've have come up with 6 decor items you will find in a millennial home.

1. Mid-century Modern Furniture

Because of the design functionality, uncluttered sleek lines, minimal ornamentation, and use of traditional and non-traditional materials, mid-century modern furniture is taking over. Designed between the mid-1930s and mid-1960s mid-century modern furniture pieces allow room to blend and give a clean base to the room or stand out and become a statement piece.

2. Succulent Plants

Plants are not just limited to flowers now. Having green plants around the house now is a statement piece and allow for a room to be more open. Also, plants are good for natural air cleaning. Natural colors are in and green is number one in terms of use. Decorating with plants can be as simple as placing a few succulents on a table to hanging long leafy plants from the ceiling. Don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb! Any beginner can keep these plants alive.

3. Wall Art

Wall Art has taken a new role in the house of a millennial. The wall art usually takes on the person’s style - organically blending into your room, yet still managing to make a strong statement. They are not just paintings anymore either. We are seeing inspirational signs, letter blocks, and neon signs. Whatever the millennial’s personal style, there is wall decor to go with it.

4. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

No one can deny that everyone likes to cuddle up on the couch. Chunky knit throw blanks look homemade and super comfy. It also looks stylish on a couch and usually gives the living room an essential touch of comfort. Usually, the knit is a sold color that goes with the theme of the room, making the throw blanket play double-duty for style and functionality.

5. Marble

Marble is known for its sleek clean slate. Millennials love a clean look and marble gives them just that. In the picture below you can see that while it stands out in the picture, it still produces a clean finished look. We can see marble on tabletops, book holders, kitchen counters, and even chairs.

6. Millennial Pink

Finally, Millennial Pink! Pink was once an understatement but lately, millennials have been embracing it. The blush color is standing for everything from gender roles to ideas of beauty. You can see accents of millennial pink through throw blankets, throw pillows, wall art, carpets, and even pieces of furniture.

Wrapping Up

Follow these tips and you'll have a trendy millennial home that everyone envies!

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