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What Is Brainly and How Does It Work?

With more school services being offered online, the need for tutoring service and homework help has increased significantly. Brainly is just one of many services that aim to help students and others with questions they may have on their work, and for many, the service is a life saver! The question is, what is Brainly and how does it work?


Brainly is an education technology company that provides a learning program for students, teachers, and parents to ask and answer homework questions. The company works off the saying, “Smarter Together” meaning that this is a platform for students to connect with teachers, parents, and other students to help solve problems together. It is essentially a way for students to combine their strengths and talents.

Brainly is used to help students get factual and detailed answers to their questions. Their goal is to support students through their schooling with clear and accurate answers. Brainly is there to answer your question, but also to have extra resources to make sure you understand what you are learning about.

How it Works…

Brainly has two different plans you can pick from. With the free version, you have to deal with ads. With the other version, you pay 18 dollars every 6 months, or 24 dollars each year to get unlimited answers, and you can skip the ads!

Step one: The first step to Brainly is to either search your question through the search tab, or type out your own question and wait for experts to respond.

Step two: Next, you get step-by-step explanations on how to do the question you asked or searched for. If you ask your own question, it is likely you will get two or more answers from experts or star students.

Step three: The next step is to answer questions for points. Help others, complete challenges, and earn points to spend when you need to ask a question.

What is Included?

Brainly is a way for students to get help on any questions they might have for school. Teachers, parents, and students can answer these questions, and the company goes through these answers to make sure they are accurate and correct. For example, if you were to ask a question on college algebra, you should get answers from teachers, parents, or other students. Each answer will be looked at by someone on Brainly to make sure the information is correct. On the Brainly website, you can search a variety of questions, such as math, history, English, biology, chemistry, physics, geography, health, any world language, medicine, law, and more. They also have a section for AP classes and SAT practice. Along with all these resources, you can ask any educational based question on Brainly with any subject.

Should I get Brainly?

As a student myself, I suggest that you sign up for Brainly! After doing research and learning about its benefits to my education, I will be using it to help me with accounting. Brainly is useful for if you need extra help, but the site should not be used as a way to get answers to homework questions. The purpose of it is to guide you through your question and help you understand what you are trying to learn, not just to tell you the answer. As an individual who is motivated to learn, Brainly may be your key to success!